Corporate Information

Corporate Profile

Corporate name Fukuoka Realty Co., Ltd.
Main business Asset Management of Fukuoka REIT Corporation
Address 1-2-25 Sumiyoshi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City <MAP>
Contact Telephone: +81-92-272-3900 FAX:+81-92-272-3950
Representative Zenji Koike, President and CEO
Directors Hiroshi Shimuta, Vice President Board of Directors (Non-Executive)
Yukitaka Ohara, Vice President Board of Directors (Non-Executive)
Masanori Kozuma, Vice President Board of Directors (Non-Executive)
Auditor Kazuomi Kamikawa , Corporate Auditor (Non-Executive)
Executive Officer Hiroyuki Ayabe , Executive Officer
Hideya Kanno , Executive Officer
Keiichi Shimoda , Executive Officer
Number of employees 48(as of February 29, 2024)
Established December 26, 2003
Paid-in capital 200 million yen
Shareholders FUKUOKA JISHO CO., LTD. (55%)/ Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.(10%)
Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.(5%) / SAIBU GAS HOLDINGS CO., LTD.(5%)
Kyudenko Corporation(5%) / Kyushu Railway Company(5%) / Development Bank of Japan Inc.(5%)
Certifications, etc.
  • Obtained license for real estate transaction services
    February 27, 2004
    License No. (5)15052 issued by the Governor of Fukuoka
    (updated on February 28, 2024)
  • Certified as discretionary real estate transaction agent under the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act
    April 27, 2004
    Certification No. 21 issued by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism
  • Obtained certification to conduct businesses related to investment trust management
    June 25, 2004
    Certification No. 31 issued by the Prime Minister of Japan
  • Registered for a financial instruments business (investment management business)
    September 30, 2007
    Registered No. (Kinsho) 10 registered by the Director of Fukuoka Local Finance Branch Bureau
  • Registration of Change of Investment Advisory and Agency Business(Date of registration of change: January 23, 2023)
Membership The Investment Trusts Association, Japan
The Association for Real Estate Securitization(regular member)
The Japan Investment Advisers Association (Date of admission: February 24, 2023)